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3D Weapons Design Studio - Futuristic weapons- Shadow Force assault rifle GS-88 1.png


Shadow Force AR GS-88

  • Inspired by Stem Punk and the classic Starship Troopers

  • The 3D art department at Glenda Studio were faced with creating a weapon that looks like its been through a lot of action in a post apocalyptic world.

  • The worn textures and colours of grey and burnt orange help this model achieve that objective.


Shadow Force
Assault Rifle GS-88

Maya - Photoshop - Substance Painter

​Our collection of realistic futuristic weapons

3D Weapons Design Studio - Futuristic weapons- Shadow Force assault rifle GS-88 8.png

3D Weapons Design Department



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The Production Process

Throughout the whole production process the management team is in constant contact with the clients reviewing specs and technical documents. The information is then relayed to the elite senior 3D design artists who will be working on designing the vehicle or weapon. The work is deliberate and painstaking to make sure every little part is exact and true to life. Utilizing their exceptional design skills the 3D vehicle artists at Glenda Studio, Vietnam, truly excel in producing textures on their models that thrill gamers worldwide

The 3D art outsourcing team at Glenda Studio utilizes the latest software and modelling techniques to every project that they take on.

Hard surfaces are their speciality.

See our other portfolio items featuring weapons, sports cars, props , environments and characters.

Make Glenda Studio your reliable and affordable 3D art outsourcing partner.

Get to Know Us

The whole process starts with an online meet and greet , It is at this time when we discuss your project and see if it something that we can handle. At Glenda we will be forthright and open with clients and not take on any project that is beyond our experience or capacity.

Once we have agreed to assist our clients with a project our production team will be in constant contact with our clients. Nothing short of complete satisfaction is acceptable for us. delivering exceptional vehicle models on time for a  truly affordable price.

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