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Welcome from Vietnam

Here at Glenda Studio we have a team of talented artists, fully dedicated to providing our discerning clients with models that are top-notch, delivered on time,  with exceptional customer service, all for an affordable price.

  • Portraying the strong work ethic that Vietnam is know for,

  • years of experience in the 3D outsourcing field.

  • Reliability in being assured the project will exceed expectations.

  • A  modern management team incorporating both cultural and western philosophies into its work ethics.

  • A fun and relaxed modern workplace.

  • The latest security features to ensure safety of all data.

Our Services

Catering to the needs of our clients

Currently at 45 elite 3D artists and 5 animators- and growing- Glenda 3D Outsourcing Studio specializes in all types of 3D art, whether you are looking for high end vehicle models for a AAA game, all the way to stylized characters for a  NFT collection.

Our talented artists  use the latest software when it comes to designing your project. Specializing in vehicles, weapons, props and environments  (including world building), the teams here at Glenda assure your complete satisfaction.

  • 2D & 3D Modelling & Integration of game art assets

  • 3D Modelling for presentations or movies

  • 2D & 3D custom NFT design

  • 2D & 3D rigging & animation

  • 3D furniture & Industrial equipment (find out more here)

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