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Released September 2021

HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED™ is the fast-paced arcade racing game that brings the traditional fun of Hot Wheels™ chaotic gameplay on all main gaming platforms.


3D Art Outsourcing Hot Wheels

Over 73 Vehicles and 18 Modules created ...... and counting!

Hot Wheels Unleashed ™ wins best game at Italian Video Game Awards

Vehicle Gallery
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The task presented to the elite 3D artists at Glenda Studio was to create  amazing lifelike recreations of  some of the coolest,  raddest toys in the world. 


This project was a bit different from our usual 3D vehicle design since these were 1/64 scale toys and were made of diecast metal and plastic - we wanted to keep true to the authenticity and realism of the toy and the technical requirements of Milestone by bringing to life the toys that are adored  worldwide by both children and collectors alike .

Our talented 3D vehicle artists were able to use their skills and create vehicles that are truly remarkable, even including the dents, chips and wear and tear from game play.

The teamwork between the Glenda Studio 3D production team and the wonderful people at Milestone was integral in creating this award winning AAA game.

The art outsourcing team of  talented 3D artists at Glenda Studio created over 73 vehicles and 18 in-game modules for players world wide to be blown away by.

Module Gallery
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"The 1:1 recreation of Hot Wheels ™ cars here are nothing short of stunning"



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That said, the car models themselves are simply gorgeous, and every one I’ve collected so far is an unflinchingly faithful recreation of the miniatures they represent, down to the tiniest details: the texture differences between plastic and lacquered metal parts; the subtle mould lines left from the assembly process; the broad range of paint finishes; the stamped text beneath the chassis carrying the model name and production year. I’m still finding myself just rotating them around, stopped in my tracks by how fantastic they look. As impressive as they are out of their boxes, they look even better after some doorhandle-to-doorhandle action out on track. Here’s where they really start to resemble the toy cars strewn around my youngest son’s room: chipped, scratched, and play-worn by the demands of their seven-year-old automotive overlord. The most striking thing is that damage hasn’t been applied thoughtlessly or randomly; cars correctly lose paint on their vulnerable corners and raised edges, faint scratches appear on larger flat surfaces, black plastic is revealed under the silver coating, and printed tampos are partially rubbed away. Under the right light, child-sized fingerprints can be observed – especially on windscreens – and even their plastic tyres become ringed with the kinds of gouges a pristine Hot Wheels car will pick up after an afternoon of pounding the pavement. Milestone’s success in making the cars look so credible is a huge part of what makes Hot Wheels Unleashed so joyful to play.


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At its core, Hot Wheels Unleashed ™ is a pure kart racer. No fancy weapons – just boosts, speed traps and drifting. The case could be argued that seeing plastic wheels and glittery chassis would look cool being destroyed, but it doesn’t need weaponry. Hot Wheels ™ is exemplifying how fast flame stickers make your car go, and I am all for that. Pelting under office chairs, zipping over pool tables and avoiding a fifty floor drop is the name of the game here. Clipping a Rip Rod or a Motorsaurus out of the podium finish for the best time is a joy until itself. The other element of happiness comes from admiring the cars themselves. With every iteration of Gran Turismo or Forza, gamers are in disbelief at the level of detail developers put into their mighty machines. Well, so has Hot Wheels. They may be miniature, but they haven’t cut down on the details.


The Production Process

Due to the fact that the world was experiencing a difficult period during the Covid-19 pandemic, including Glenda studio whereby we had to move to work from home for 3 months. It was important to  work closely with our clients , constantly communicating, following up on feedback, technical requirements and the timeline.  Our  technical team overcame a lot of hurdles to keep the pipeline flowing and the 3D vehicle artists focused on being creative.

The experienced 3D artists at Glenda Studio offer  a reliable and affordable  option when it comes to 3D art outsourcing. Delivering exceptional quality. wonderful customer service, creativity, models delivered on schedule. All for a comparatively modest price

At Glenda Studio...

We Make it Awesome!

At Glenda 3D art outsourcing studio

We make the whole process easy,

painless and affordable

as well as being exceptionally skilled and reliable.

Find out more about our talented team 


About Milestone S.r.l.

The very mention of Milestone’s name is enough to send gamers of all ages into an adrenaline fueled rush. The AAA game developer has become synonymous with high-octane racing games such as the Superbike, Ride, MotoGP and World Rally Championship franchises for over a decade, and now they add Hot Wheels Unleashed ™  to that impressive roster.

Based in Milan, Italy Milestone (part of the Embracer Group since 2019) has over 260 talented staff that paying attention to all details and authenticity are now acknowledged as  one of the  leaders in the world of racing videogames.

HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED ™ © 2022. Published and developed by Milestone S.r.l. All rights reserved. HOT WHEELS ™ and associated trademarks and commercial apparel are owned and used under license by Mattel. © 2022 Mattel. All manufacturers, suppliers of accessories, names, songs, sponsors, trademarks and associated images featured in this game are trademarks and / or copyrighted materials of their respective owners.

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