Battlefield-Like World War 3 Had A Messy Early Access Launch

World War 3, an online first-person shooter developed by The Farm 51, released in early access on October 19. The launch was not a smooth one, though, and the game continues to suffer from severe bugs and connectivity issues. The Farm 51 has continued to roll out patches for World War 3 to address its issues, and the developer has provided regular updates on the game's situation via Twitter and Steam.

"We've taken it upon ourselves to crush every bug you reported, to iron out every single wrinkle on the canvas of our game--all that to satisfy you and make our game stand out from the early access crowd as a polished, well-cared for and properly managed title," The Farm 51 wrote in a Steam blogpost. "Unfortunately our ranks are thin. Despite our dedication and resolve some technical issues prevent us from delivering what we want you to experience."

According to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, The Farm 51 has implemented numerous patches over the three days following World War 3's launch. The game remains fairly buggy however, and numerous players are still struggling to get into a match without being dropped.

World War 3 is a tactics-based shooter that focuses on modern-day, realistic shooter combat. You aren't able to perform near-superhuman feats, and you're at a disadvantage if you choose to fight solo. Operating as a team is crucial for success. Multiplayer matches host up to 64 players at a time, and each team is forced to work together to both defend their position and overwhelm their opponents'. In Warzone mode, you'll fight in massive Battlefield-like battles. Meanwhile, Recon mode is smaller and tasks players with securing

"high-value targets in hostile territory."

World War 3 is available on PC in early access. The Farm 51 is considering bringing the game to consoles, but the team has not confirmed anything yet.


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