Rumor: Like Watch Dogs 3, GTA 6 Will Have A Female Protagonist

The next Grand Theft Auto installment could feature a female protagonist, much like the upcoming Watch Dogs 3, and, given that Rockstar broke tradition with Grand Theft Auto V by adding two extra playable characters, we wouldn't put this past them.

According to an old video from The Know that has since resurfaced, Grand Theft Auto VI could bring the franchise's very first female protagonist to the fore. This should be taken with a grain of salt, as there's no real confirmation from Rockstar on anything concerning GTA VI, but it is entirely possible and we shouldn't be surprised to see a female main character.

There's plenty to go around in the way of rumors over this title. GTA VI is said to to be a PS5-timed exclusive, which will also feature both Liberty City and Vice City.


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We can't be sure that Rockstar will stick to multiple protagonists for this upcoming installment, despite it being well received by the gaming community. If it does, though, it's quite likely that at least one of those playable characters will be female. Also, if it reverts to just one protagonist, who's to say it can't be a woman?

Would this be a good move on Rockstar's part? Probably, and we'd very much like to see it. The franchise's depiction of women in the past has not been very positive, so it could prove a welcome change if it were to allow gamers to play as a woman. The introduction could also potentially attract even more fans.

Both GTA Online and Read Dead Online have given gamers the option of playing as women for some time now, so it wouldn't be weird to see a female protagonist in the next game.

GTA VI is said to be in development for unspecified platforms and is rumored to be set for a 2020 release date.


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