Substance Alchemist: What's Inside?

We’ve all heard about Substance Alchemist by Allegorithmic. The company has showcased the new solution at Siggraph in Vancouver, showing an in-depth demo of its new tool that will provide more options for the creation of materials, but what does that mean for artists?

Basically, Substance Alchemist will allow artists to perform finishing touches on materials by hand using some procedural methods. The thing is that the new tool will also bring AI-power giving, for example, an ability to adjust scans with delighting for a more realistic look after editing.

The team states that Substance Alchemist “introduces new ways of creating, managing and processing materials. It allows mixing procedural-based, hand-made, capture-based and AI-based workflows.” Check out the video the company presented at Substance Day at Siggraph 2018 with a detailed demo of Substance Alchemist:

Artist Josip Vrandecic has also given some details on Substance Alchemist that let him create a promo video for Allegorithmic. The tool lets talents combine scans, procedural content, art, and mix it with AI.

What are the features here? Substance Alchemist gives the ability to make scans more editable and scalable as procedural content. Also, you can use sampled content such as photographs, ads, and more to affect textures. What is more, the tool provides content management features to collect and organize Substance materials in collections, libraries, presets together.

Allegorithmic expects Substance Alchemist to take the team to new markets. At Siggraph, Deguy stated that the company’s fastest-growing new market is VFX, but the team also welcomes new customers coming from industrial design, AEC, marketing, etc. The future looks great with Substance Alchemist.


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