The PlayStation 5 Looks Like An Alienware, Basically

Fans are having a field day with the PS5 design after yesterday's reveal, but we think they're getting it wrong with the router comparison.

With the recent reveal of Sony's new console, something about the PlayStation 5's design did not resonate with a lot of fans. While a lot of new games announced are great and all, that design feels off, right?

It's not a bad looking console, but it looks... not right? The console looks like an Alienware PC, but not necessarily in a good way. It's like the whiteboard in the brainstorm session just had the word "Futuristic" in big, bold letters.

To be fair to Alienware, their tower designs are pretty slick, so why does Sony attempting this aesthetic just fall flat? Something about the PlayStation 5 looks slim and bulky at the same time. At least Alienware has a lot of neon lights sometimes to spice up the look. Instead of praising the aesthetic, Sony fans are calling PS5 a wi-fi router. Something about going too minimal on the design just did not land.

The controller does look pretty cool the more you stare at it, though. And come to think of it, the PS5 has more character than the PS4's angular look. Maybe we were all just spoiled by the amazing PS5 fan concepts over the years. Those cowards at Sony will never truly create a superior orb design.

Regardless of how we all poke fun at Sony's surprising design choices, we know it's all about the games. Those wonderful next-gen experiences that have us counting the days until November. Maybe we are all just collectively coping with the fact we have to wait a few more months to get our hands on those new games by poking fun at Sony's Eye of Sauron. If it's any consolation, this console does look better than the bold fridge approach that Microsoft took for the Xbox Series X. Honestly, who cares what these things look like? We all know we just want to swing around New York as Miles Morales in that new Spider-Man game. Hopefully, this new console is not too expensive considering the weird state of the world.


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