Verdansk '84 has several new locations for Warzone players to battle it out in — here's everything you need to know.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 3 brings a highly-anticipated Verdansk rework, which is the biggest change the map has seen since it launched in the Spring of 2020. Verdansk '84 has now arrived in Warzone, and there are plenty of new locations to discover.

This guide will cover each of the major new locations you will find across Verdansk '84, as well as some important changes to iconic areas.

What Is Summit In Verdansk '84?

Dam is the most noteworthy area that has been removed from Verdansk. The Goya Summit now stands in the North-West corner of the map, with a satellite station at the top.

A large aqueduct replaces the bridge, whilst the large concrete wall of the Dam has been replaced by lush hills and dirt paths. Cable cars run down from the Summit, connecting it to various key locations across Verdansk.

What Is Salt Mine In Verdansk '84?

Quarry has been replaced by the Salt Mine, which offers some big changes. The most notable of them are the new salt pools. These vibrant red patches provide some flatter ground around Quarry, which opens up more lines of sight across the area.

There is also plenty of cover scattered around, which might give players a better chance of leaving this location alive.

What Is Factory In Verdansk '84?

The previously ruined Airport has been restored, and the airplane Factory has joined it. Found East of Superstore, the Factory consists of multiple large warehouses containing aeroplane parts.

Various tunnels and secret rooms connect the factories underground, providing perfect hiding spots for your squad.

What Is Array In Verdansk '84?

A large metal defense structure now stands in the middle of Verdansk. This towering Array provides little cover, but it is perfect for eager snipers who want to spot enemies across the map.

There are ziplines on either side to get you up to the top, where long walkways stretch across the structure. You will also find a group of small, clustered buildings at the foot of the Array, which are ideal for losing enemies on your tail.

How Has Stadium Changed In Verdansk '84?

Stadium is undergoing serious construction work, so most of the area isn't as fleshed out as before. Many of the tunnels and passageways around the perimeter that opened in Modern Warfare Season 5 have now been removed, along with the entire roof.

Most snipers will be moving on to the Array, but there are still plenty of useful spots for those that stick around. The crane offers a raised vantage point, whilst the tiered seat is a great way to get the high ground over your enemy.

How Has The Gulag Changed In Verdansk '84?

The main Verdansk map isn't the only place that has changed. Whilst you are learning the map, you'll probably end up in the Gulag a lot. This has also had a substantial rework, introducing a lot of verticality to what was previously a simple arena.

Stairs and ramps allow you to get above your enemy, whilst the destroyed vehicles provide plenty of cover for those caught off guard. Many will recognize the new Gulag experience as a mock-up version of the Black Ops 2 multiplayer map, Standoff.

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