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Some Recent Projects

At Glenda 3D Art Outsourcing Studio we work with some of the top AAA game developers worldwide as well as other art studios to produce top-notch artwork.

Our dedicated team of 3D artists take pride in their work, giving our clients a quality model, delivered on time, with unmatched customer service - all for an affordable price.

Excelling in all aspects of the project.

At Glenda Studio....

                                                                           We Make it Awesome!

Click on image to View Project



Designing over 73 Cars and 18 in-game modules for this high octane race car game featuring the iconic  collectible die cast cars that are loved worldwide.


Designing  more than 30 realistic weapons  for both the gunship and the ground forces in this fun zombie apocalypse action filled game

Zombie Gunship survival Logo.jpg
An image of the historic ancient town of Hoi An, Vietnam, taken at night


Welcome to one of the most picturesque towns in the whole of Asia. A world Heritage UNESCO site.

Hoi An started life an ancient trading post features both Chinese and Japanese architecture, now its colorful streets are photographed by tourists from around the world. 


Designing over 17 race bikes for this realistic racing game. Using the latest techniques to show every detail on some of the fastest race bikes around

Tellurium 5.png


Replicating over 12 historic scientific instruments that are in the museum at ETH Zurich.

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