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Released October 2020

The ultimate racing experience,
for all 2-Wheel Lovers!

Get ready to break the boundaries between game and reality. RIDE 4 brings the challenge to a whole new level of realism: hundreds of bikes, tracks and riding gears replicated to the finest detail with the most advanced technologies. A competition like never before.

It’s 4 real!



Over 17 Fully detailed bikes created ...... and counting!


The task presented to the wonderfully talented 3D vehicle artists at Glenda Studio was to create  amazing lifelike recreations of  17 of the fastest racing bikes around.


This project allowed our 3D designers to showcase their talent by bringing out each of the bikes in full detail, down to every nut and bolt

Our talented 3D vehicle artists were able to use their skills to create bikes that are truly remarkable. Going by the CAD files and technical specifications submitted from Milestone, we were able to accurately represent each speedster.

The level of detail of these bikes is truly remarkable, and combined with the revolutionary neural AI system from Milestone based on machine learning A.N.N.A. meaning Artificial Neural Network Agent, gamers can now race against smarter, faster and a more

accurate AI experience than ever before.


Bike Gallery
Click on image to view more detail & 3D viewer

"Milestone detaches to the limit, at sunset, and goes to win a well-deserved victory."

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Are you ready to live the best gaming experience that a motorcycle fan can get? RIDE 4 will spark your competitive soul with hundreds of bikes, dozens of tracks and a whole new level of realism. NEW AND ENHANCED CONTENTS Choose among hundreds of officially licensed bikes and ride on dozens of tracks all around the world, carefully designed with an extraordinary level of detail! Every asset has been created starting from CAD data, laser and 3D scanning to achieve precision down to the smallest detail and let you enjoy the best two-wheel racing experience ever. CHOOSE YOUR PATH Jump into an amazin


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The best Milestone game on Unreal Engine by model of driving, rendering of motorcycles and circuits. Excellent variety of play, experience on the track always fun, both for fans and for newbies.


"This footage from Ride 4 looks so realistic
it fooled the internet"


The Production Process

Communication throughout the whole production process was important, helping our production  team guide the artists to excellence in designing these wonderful models.

it was critical to capture every bit of detail, bringing out all the textures was paramount in the artists minds. The 3D designers at Glenda Studio are immensely talented when it comes to 3D vehicle design. The technical lead is constantly in touch with the client to make sure all models are fully integrated into the game. When it comes to hard surfaces the 3D artists at Glenda Studio

Make it Awesome!

At Glenda 3D art outsourcing studio

We make the whole process easy,

painless and affordable

as well as being exceptionally skilled and reliable.

Find out more about our talented team 

The experienced 3D artists at Glenda Studio offer  a reliable and affordable  option when it comes to 3D art outsourcing. Delivering exceptional quality. wonderful customer service, creativity, models delivered on schedule. All for a comparatively modest price

At Glenda Studio...

We Make it Awesome!


About Milestone S.r.l.

The very mention of Milestone’s name is enough to send gamers of all ages into an adrenaline fueled rush. The AAA game developer has become synonymous with high-octane racing games such as the Superbike, Ride, MotoGP and World Rally Championship franchises for over a decade, and in 2020 they added out the latest  version of Ride to that impressive roster.

Based in Milan, Italy Milestone (part of the Embracer Group since 2019) has over 260 talented staff that paying attention to all details and authenticity are now acknowledged as  one of the  leaders in the world of racing videogames.

RIDE 4 © 2020. Published and developed by Milestone S.r.l. All rights reserved. All manufacturers, suppliers of accessories, names, songs, sponsors, brands and associated images featured in this game are trademarks and / or copyrighted materials of their respective owners.

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