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Date of  Project Feb 2022

Preserve for future generations to study

To create lifelike reproductions of antique scientific instruments and teaching aids  that are kept in the library at ETH. these 3D models will be archived by the university as part of their scientific instruments and teaching aids collection.


Artifact Gallery
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Wonderful Representations of Antique Scientific Instruments

The task presented to the wonderfully talented 3D hard surface artists at Glenda Studio was to reproduce 21  beautiful antique scientific instruments that are part of ETH Zurich University's collection of scientific instruments and teaching aids.


This was a project that enabled each of our world class 3D designers to showcase their talent by bringing out each artifacts full detail, including patinas, aging, scratches and wear and tear from previous use.

Our talented team of 3D prop artists were able to use their skills to create models that are truly remarkable. Just using reference images supplied  by the University, our skillful 3D hard surface modelers were able to accurately represent each  instrument.

The level of detail is wonderful and our 3D artists were able to accurately reproduce ageing wood, brass, copper amongst others.


Learning about the history
and uses of each piece
was so interesting

The Production Process

Communication throughout the whole production process was important, helping our production  team guide the artists to excellence in designing these wonderful models.

it was critical to capture every bit of detail, bringing out all the textures was paramount in the artists minds. The 3D designers at Glenda Studio are immensely talented when it comes to 3D hard surfaces design, props, weapons, vehicles, etc.

When it comes to hard surfaces the 3D artists at Glenda Studio Make it Awesome!

At Glenda 3D art outsourcing studio

We make the whole process easy, painless and affordable

as well as being exceptionally skilled and reliable.

Find out more about our talented team 

The experienced 3D artists at Glenda Studio offer  a reliable and affordable  option when it comes to 3D art outsourcing. Delivering exceptional quality. wonderful customer service, creativity, models delivered on schedule. All for a comparatively modest price

At Glenda Studio...

We Make it Awesome!

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