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Tellurium 3.png


Part of the Astronomical Collection.

This tellurium is a model that represents the movements of the Moon around the Earth and the Earth around the Sun. The sun would be represented by a candle placed in the holder, and the moon  by a metal ball on a wire.

Used by scientists and teachers to show:

  1.  Succession of day and night, and their difference in length. 

  2.  Changes of the seasons. 

  3.  Changes of the moon. 

  4.  Solar and lunar eclipses 

  5.  Philosophy of tides. 

  6.  Precession of the equinox. 

  7.  Differences of solar and sidereal time."


Tellurium 8.png

3D Hard Surface Art Outsourcing Studio



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The Production Process

During the production of these beautiful assets, the management team were in constant communication with the clients. Since we were basing everything off reference images (photographs), it was important to get sizes and proportions correct. the dedicated team of elite  3D  prop design artists worked tirelessly on this unique and interesting historical project. Making sure every little detail is exact and true to life. Utilizing their exceptional design skills from 3D hard surface design in games the Glenda Studio art team truly excelled in producing textures on these models that will let them be used by teachers and students worldwide.

The quality of these historic pieces shows what we can do for your in-game props and artifacts.

The 3D art outsourcing team at Glenda Studio utilizes latest software and modelling techniques to every project that they take on.

Hard surfaces are their speciality.

See our other portfolio items featuring weapons, military vehicles, props , environments and characters.

Make Glenda Studio your reliable and affordable 3D art outsourcing partner.

The whole process starts with an online meet and greet , It is at this time when we discuss your project and see if it something that we can handle. At Glenda we will be forthright and open with clients and not take on any project that is beyond our experience or capacity.

Once we have agreed to assist our clients with a project our production team will be in constant contact with our clients. Nothing short of complete satisfaction is acceptable for us. delivering exceptional vehicle models on time for a  truly affordable price.

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