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This shows a cartoon style character created by the talented team of 3D artists of Glenda Studio, Vietnam


The talented 3D artists at Glenda  Studio can create the character of your dreams.

Are you looking to create an NFT collection, a photo realistic  or stylized character for a game?

let the elite character artists bring this image to life, using the latest skills and software.

Character Animation

Realistic 3D Cowboy wearing a red poncho, created by the talented 3D character artists of Glenda Studio, Vietnam

With years of experience, the talented animators at Glenda Studio can model,  rig and animate your character for the game and fully integrate it into your game engine

Hand Painted Characters

At Glenda Studio we have an amazing team of talented artists ready to help you create that wonderful character that you need for your game. The experienced artists of the character team of Glenda Studio 3D art outsourcing have created hundreds of hand painted characters for games worldwide

Stylized Characters

Having created numerous stylized characters for numerous Japanese and Korean clients, Glenda Studio can create an Anime style character or a fantasy  creature or person. Let Glenda Studio be your 3D outsourcing extension.  

Our team of top character models can create realistic figures for most top AAA games.  We offer integration and rigging, as well as full animation for your character needs. Offering great prices and reliable service on top characters.

Realistic Characters

3D Character Outsourcing

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