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This is a photo of the owner of Glenda Studio, Mr Hung taken in  the old studio 2017
The original team of Glenda Studio, Vietnam in 2017- over 50% of the team is still there

From Humble Beginnings

It all started back in 2014 when Mr Do Quoc Hung, an experienced 3D artist opened a small art outsourcing firm on the ground floor of his Saigon house. 

Acting as an overflow  for larger outsourcing firms, Glenda Studio was born. Going from a small team of 10, Glenda is now located in a beautiful custom designed office space, featuring space for 64 artists and 16 management.

Mr Hung, the owner of Glenda Studio, 3D art outsourcing in Vietnam taken in 2022 in new studio location
A view of the new studio location from the front door, 2022 prior to move in

To a Modern Studio Environment

Inspiring Creativity at Every Turn

Here at Glenda Studio the experienced management team understands how important the work environment is for the growth and development of our talented 3D modellers, as well as stimulating creativity. Therefore, a lot of thought and preparation went into the design and layout of our custom design studio.

From the staff lounge, conference and training rooms through to the gaming room combined with a modern work ethic and approach to policies and procedures we have ensured our staff have all the means necessary to excel in the 3D outsourcing world.

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The original office of Glenda Studio 3D art outsourcing, Vietnam 2017
Some of the talented artists of Glenda Studio entering the HOSE (Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange)  building, on first day of moving into new location 2022

About the Glenda Studio Management team

Art Directors

Here at Glenda Studio our Art Directors have over 20 years hands-on experience in creating games, VFX , and other art projects. Due to their artistic creative technique, combined with management experience, we are always able to achieve the clients artistic vision and keeping the continuity throughout the whole design process.

3D Production Team

At Glenda 3D art outsourcing studio we have an amazing Production Director who oversees our whole production process. She assigns a production manager who plans, manages and communicates with our clients whilst controlling the pipeline. They are in constant communication with our clients, answering all questions and relaying any feedback to the 3D art team.

Technical Lead

At Glenda Studio the Technical Lead is so important to the success of the whole project, integrating models into game engines. They act as a bridge connecting 3D game artists and the client’s programmers. These technical artists ensure that all technical requirements are met, and that all art assets and features are easily integrated into the game.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance team works exceptionally hard , researching new methods, techniques and  software.

They plan every stage of the project for the management and production team regularly reviewing feedback and adjusting QA  lists. they are constantly reviewing the assets to ensure production is on time and the whole operation is efficient.

3D Lead 

For every project we assign a Lead 3D artist to support and oversee the 3D art team to create an asset that perfectly reflects the client requirements. Combined with the Art Director they turn the clients vision into real art. At Glenda Studio, these skilled illustrators deliver on time, with minimal fuss all for an affordable price.

Training at Glenda Studio

At the new 3D design studio we have incorporated constant training programs for all artists as well as new recruits. 

Our training manager incorporates  new techniques and software into the new recruits training program, from start to finish, giving monthly evaluations, assigning probationary periods or offering full contracts. 

We are also constantly helping and guiding our junior and senior artists in new techniques, helping them master various disciplines that may need strengthening. 

Learning never stops!

Training session for some new trainees after moving into new locationof Glenda Studio, 2022
Some of the elite senior artists at Glenda Studio checking out their new workplace first day of move in 2022

Just a quick shout out to all the other staff behind the scenes who keep things ticking over here at Glenda:

  • The IT Department - They keep our systems running and everything secure.

  • Human Resources - Here to keep everyone safe and happy.

  • The Billing and Financial Department-Keeps everyone paid and the Government happy.

  • The English teacher and other educators who visit for seminars and training.

  • The Marketing and Business Development team who bring in the exciting projects.

  • And finally, the CEO - Mr Hung, for realizing his dreams.

Interested in working at Glenda Studio?

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