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This is an image of a steam punk themed leather hat as designed in 3D by the talented 3D prop artists at Glenda Studio, Vietnam


Our collection of highly detailed props and artifacts

Top Notch Props
for Discerning Clients

When a client uses Glenda Studio for their 3D design of exceptional artifacts,  we strive to please in all aspects of the production. So much so that we build trust and create lasting relationships so our clients return again and again.

Try Glenda Studio out and see for yourself.


Our large team of elite artists is dedicated to provide our clients with the utmost of service.

 We make the whole process easy, painless and affordable as well as being exceptionally skilled and reliable.

At Glenda 3D art outsourcing studio our senior artists each have over 15 years experience designing top notch props and artifacts for some of the top AAA games worldwide. These talented  3D artists work with our clients specifications to create an artifact that will fit into the game's theme and add a realistic element to the game

Dedicated Management Team

3D Hard Surface Outsourcing

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