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Who's got Talent?

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

In the Metaverse and in videogames we are only limited by our imagination. But out in the real world, our ideas, creativity and productivity are normally constrained by budgets and deadlines. This is especially true when you need the best 3D artists for your project. The top selling AAA games, with their incredible immersive worlds, are the work of many talented artists, designers and programmers each with years of experience and knowledge of the latest trends and software. In the west, that kind of talent doesn’t come cheap. But Vietnam not only has far lower staffing costs, it’s animation and 3D artists excel in their fields. That’s why many of the worlds top gaming companies are entering the Vietnamese marketplace for talent. If you read the credits on some of the top titles you’ll notice Vietnamese artists were behind much of the artwork.

Top gaming companies move to Vietnam Nowadays the world has started to learn about the advantages of working with Vietnamese artists and designers. Companies such as Ubisoft, Gameloft, Virtuous and One Universe amongst others can now call Vietnam home.

Why Choose Vietnam?

Vietnam's got talent!

Top 10 Reasons why Businesses Flock to Vietnam

  1. Vietnam, with about 100 million has a young vibrant population (the median age of the population is just 30). Being here in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), you are surrounded by the energy and dynamism of the place. The people here are young, dedicated and motivated.

  2. They are well educated, the government has invested heavily in recent years in higher education, especially in subjects such software development. These college graduates see that software is a way to get ahead, be successful and provide for their family.

3. The Vietnamese are also major gamers themselves. In 2018 it was the second largest market for game downloads in South East Asia and the first in terms of revenues. Over half of this revenue comes from locally developed mobile games. Thousands of app developers across the country are working on independent mobile games, hoping to follow the success of Nguyen Ha Dong, the creator of ‘Flappy Birds’.

4. Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam with a population of about 13 million, and its most important economically. It’s a cosmopolitan and modern city, linked closely into the beating heart of the global economy. It’s where most foreign companies working in Vietnam are based, it’s where most exports are sent from, and it’s where young people across the country move to after university to make it big.

5. In a nutshell, the Vietnamese people have a great work ethic, understanding the importance of quality and meeting deadlines.

6. Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer in the world- the people live in coffee shops and are therefore must be full of energy!

7. The majority of the population is tech savvy.

8. The people in the cities are extremely patient- they have to be with the crazy traffic they experience daily.

9. Creativity is in their blood. Overcoming many challenges - no objective is too difficult for the Vietnamese. World building comes easy.

10. Movie companies who have large budgets, such as Marvel are starting to work with Vietnamese artists and animators because they realize the artists here are the best and not to save money.

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