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Spooktacular Halloween Fun at Glenda Studio: A Night of Creativity and Tradition

The eerie night of Halloween arrived at Glenda Studio, nestled in the heart of HCM City, Vietnam, setting the stage for a spellbinding celebration filled with traditional festivities and modern merrymaking. As the clock struck the bewitching hour, the studio transformed into a haven of ghostly delights and spirited camaraderie.

The studio, renowned for its 3D art outsourcing prowess, took a hauntingly delightful detour from its usual creative endeavors to embrace the enchantment of Halloween. To kick off the night, the air buzzed with excitement as traditional games set a spirited tone.

Laughter echoed as participants

attempted apple bobbing and Face the Cookie showcasing their dexterity in a time-honored contest of

determination and amusement.

One of the highlights of the evening was the whimsical "Decorate the Mummy" activity, where volunteers from the management team fearlessly donned their mummy garb, allowing colleagues to exercise their artistic flair in wrapping them up in “gauze” and creating spooktacular mummy designs.

The energy escalated as the eerie night unfolded, with everyone eagerly delving into enthralling board games.

The popular game of "Werewolves" brought an air of mystery and strategy, drawing in every

one for an evening of suspense and intrigue, fostering a thrilling sense of togetherness.

Beyond the playful antics, the night also featured a captivating journey through the history of Halloween. Participants learned about the origins and ancient traditions that have evolved into the beloved celebration known today. This informative segment added depth to the festivities, enriching the experience with a deeper understanding of the holiday's roots.

And what Halloween celebration would be complete without a dash of trick-or-treating? The studio was brimming with excitement as colleagues exchanged treats, adding an element of surprise and delight to the evening.

As the moon made its gradual descent and the stars winked their farewells, the Halloween party at Glenda Studio came to a close. Yet, the memories of the spirited revelry, the camaraderie, and the fusion of traditional customs with contemporary amusements lingered, leaving an indelible mark on the studio's collective spirit.

At Glenda Studio, Halloween wasn't merely an occasion—it was a night where creativity, tradition, and team spirit converged in a spooktacular celebration, fostering lasting memories and reinforcing the bond among its staff.

Here’s to many more enchanting celebrations at Glenda Studio, where creativity knows no bounds and festivities are always embraced with open arms.

Happy Halloween!

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