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Rainy Day, Radiant Hearts

Glenda Studio's Remarkable Team Building Getaway

Date: August 17th, 2023

Location: Bo Cap Vang Campsite, outside Saigon, Vietnam

Drenched in team spirit and eager anticipation, Glenda Studio embarked on a memorable team building escapade on August 17th. Nestled amidst the captivating tropical forests near Saigon, Vietnam, the Bo Cap Vang campsite played host to a day that was as eventful as it was enchanting. Even the rain that arrived after a sumptuous lunch couldn't put a damper on the vivaciousness of the activities that filled our morning.

An Energetic Start to the Day

As the sun's warm embrace greeted us, our team of artists and management members converged at the Bo Cap Vang campsite. With hearts full of excitement and unity, we kicked off the day with spirited relay races and an inflatable obstacle course that tested our agility and camaraderie. The morning sun painted the sky with shades of promise, setting the stage for an adventure-filled day.

Silly Relays: Laughter in Motion

The morning hours saw us diving headfirst into a series of delightfully silly relay races, ending in a total water fight. Each activity was a reminder that sometimes it's okay to embrace our inner child and revel in unadulterated laughter. As teammates cheered one another on, barriers seemed to melt away, giving way to shared joy and genuine connection.

Mastering the Obstacle Course

The inflatable obstacle course on the lake proved to be a thrilling highlight of the morning for the water lovers. Climbing, sliding, and navigating (and falling off) through the course was not only a test of physical prowess and balance, but also a testament to our collaborative spirit. The collective shouts of encouragement resonated through the air as we conquered each challenge, bolstering our unity and determination.

A Hearty Lunch and Unforeseen Rain

After a morning of energetic pursuits, a hearty lunch provided the perfect opportunity to recharge our energies. As we enjoyed a sumptuous meal and shared stories, the skies decided to join the festivities with a refreshing downpour- well it is rainy season! But did the rain deter us? Not in the slightest.

Unexpected Showers and Unwavering Spirits

The afternoon brought raindrops that danced upon our spirits. Instead of seeking shelter, we embraced the weather as an integral part of our adventure. Water pillow fights and paddle board races turned into a mesmerizing symphony of laughter and splashes. The rain transformed the landscape into a canvas of shared memories, reminding us that even the most unexpected elements can contribute to unforgettable moments.

Poseidon Buffet: A Culinary Seafood Soiree

As the sun dipped below the horizon, signaling the end of our day's escapade, there was one more treat in store for us. The Poseidon Buffet awaited, serving as the grand finale to our journey. Amidst a lavish spread of seafood delights, we continued to bond, sharing not only food and beer, but also the bonds of camaraderie that had grown stronger throughout the day.

Glenda Studio's team building day at Bo Cap Vang campsite was a testament to the power of unity, shared laughter, and the ability to find joy in every moment. From spirited relay races and conquering the obstacle course to embracing the rain and indulging in a delectable buffet, the day was a crescendo of experiences that left our hearts full and our connections deeper. As we bid farewell to this remarkable adventure, we carried with us the memory of a rainy day turned radiant, a reminder that the best memories are often made when we face the unexpected with open hearts and unwavering spirits.

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